Personal Training

Personal training includes the creation of a custom designed workout program, individual assistance for your regular workouts (to make sure that you are executing exercises properly), helping you to safely push your limits to achieve your fitness goals and being there to motivate you when you need it most.

With the purchase of any package, clients will receive a customized diet/meal plan based on your goals. Measurements and body fat testing will be taken to determine current body composition; follow-up measurements and analysis will take place to ensure we are going in the right direction.

Single Personal Training: $65/hr

Single sessions are best suited for…

  • A program check-up of current personal training clients
  • Experienced fitness participants seeking guidance on specific fitness training areas
  • Anyone requiring a professional fitness consultation on their program goals

High-Efficiency Personal Training (30 Minutes)

Think you don’t have time to work out? A 30-minute workout could change your mind. An effective workout can be had in any amount of time, given how you manipulate the variables of the workout.

30 minute training sessions provide more intense workouts to burn more calories per minute, and will result in a much stronger post-exercise reaction.

30 minute sessions are suitable for…….

  • Existing clients and experienced exercisers.
  • Clients with limited time for training.
  • Clients looking to supplement their current training program. Maintenance Programs

Packages ($300 and up)

Multiple session packages offer members on-going Trainer support and fitness program development to achieve your program goals. Members also benefit from purchasing multiple sessions at discounted rates.

Multiple personal training session packages are great for…

  • Exercise adherence…stay motivated and focused on your fitness program and goals
  • Continual support, guidance and feedback on your training progress
  • Developing a positive client/trainer relationship enhancing long-term success

Small group training: $80/hr

Training with a partner is great for……

  • Additional support and motivation
  • Receiving quality individualized training for a great value