Personal Training

Personal training includes the creation of a custom designed workout program, individual assistance for your regular workouts (to make sure that you are executing exercises properly), helping you to safely push your limits to achieve your fitness goals and being there to motivate you when you need it most.

Packages can be  customized with meal plan options based on your goals. Measurements and body fat testing will be taken to determine current body composition; follow-up measurements and analysis will take place to ensure we are going in the right direction.

Single Session: $75/hr

Single sessions are best suited for…

  • A program check-up of current personal training clients
  • Experienced fitness participants seeking guidance on specific fitness training areas
  • Anyone requiring a professional fitness consultation on their program goals


Monthly memberships start at $50 per session:

Monthly plans are designed to give clients the incentive to stay on track with their plans by offering a significant savings for consistency, thereby increasing their chances of reaching their goals.The initial commitment is for 3 months.  Packages are based on 2 sessions weekly.

3 month membership (27 sessions):  3 payments of $450 ;  $1200 when paid in full


Once the 3 month commitment has been fulfilled then clients may maintain a month to month basis.


Our olicies are designed to ensure a successful training experience.