Group Fitness Classes

It’s important to find an exercise class that resonates with you to get the most out of your health. Check out the descriptions for our classes to see which ones would be a good fit for you. With all we have to offer, there’s bound to be a class for everyone! Please visit our schedule through the MindBody link on the homepage to register for classes. Walk-ins are welcome.

Single Class: $15

10 Class Card: $120

Monthly Unlimited Classes: $59.99


Yoga Fusion – Invigorate your mind and body through the incorporation of core strengthening exercises, yoga poses, and cardio drills. This class is designed to infuse your body with physical and mental confidence through endorphin release to leave you feeling calm and strong.


Mindful Meditation – Join us for head to toe rejuvenation! Clear your mind, release bodily tension, and enhance your strength and flexibility through relaxation, healing yoga poses, stretching, and meditation. The first 40 minutes will focus on the physical, where you will guided through a series of meditative stretches; followed by a 20 minute still meditation, quieting the mind to seek answers to your most important unanswered questions that you have about your life or to simply just relax and escape from the craziness of the material world. (All levels are welcome, Meditation experience is not required).


Total Body Boot Camp – This isn’t your typical boot camp workout! This tabata style class mixes it up with techniques from basic boot camp, cross-fit inspired moves, Plyo, Pilates, body weight exercise, and more. Guaranteed to make you sweat!.


Zumba – Each Zumba class is infused with toning moves. You’ll get the same Latin dance inspired workout with a calorie burning boost. This class is a fun and effective cardio workout with sculpting exercises designed to tone your entire body from top to bottom! What are you waiting for?


Better Body Barre  – Using body weight exercises and props, you’ll tone your entire body from top to bottom and sweat while you’re at it. Many of the moves focus on the legs, core, and glutes with plenty of options for arm and shoulder strength. No two classes are ever the same, and every class ends with a ten minute stretch to make sure your muscles receive all the TLC they deserve after making them burn!


MindBody Yoga – Start each class with breathing and centering. A slow flow starts the blood moving and propels you into a creative practice that will aim at promoting mindfulness in every pose and the transitions in between. Get to know your edge better, and clear out the cobwebs in your body and the clutter in your head.


Crunch Time (30min)- This high-efficiency express workout is creative , fun, and effective. Crunch Time is a dynamic workout combining cardio and strength training for quick results. Never the same. Always fun!


Body Blast – Body Blast is a 50 minute cardio and strength training program in which participants move through over 40 body weight exercises in timed sequences. The last 10 minutes of each class is spent on flexibility and meditation for an overall healthy body!